Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nursery Update!

Today we are getting serious about the nursery! My mother-in-law, Kat, is finishing up the Roman shades. We decided on a buttery yellow stripe, much like the hamper. She has also finished the fabric that we will drape from the top of the window. It is white with small flowers...not too girly I can assure you. We are then headed over to Baby and Me to see about a changing table/dresser and then to Target to see about a glider. I also need to find a side table to go next to the glider for a cute lamp we found. I envision many happy, sleepy moment in this glider with our sweet little guy. As you can see from the photo I will have to take everything out and then start taking it back in, little by little. Hopefully finding a permanent place for it.
As an update on the shower, it was beautiful. I forgot my camera, of course, but Kristen came through (she photographed my wedding) and I just need to get the pictures from her. I had such a lovely time visiting with the sweet ladies that came. Mrs. Vicki, as always, out did herself and everything was lovely. We ate lunch, which was much like going to tea at the St. James, drank a ton of tea, played a few games and opened gifts. As an extra blessing, Candice gave me her high chair (thank you!), so that is one more thing to cross of the list. Another blessing we received was through Meg Wallace, who has given me her breast pump motor (don't worry, I have all new attachments, it is quite safe) and also her jogging stroller! What a blessing!!
I am so grateful for everything that the people in our lives have done for us. Truly, my cup overflows.