Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seven things about me..

I have been tagged by Stacey, so here goes. Seven things about me, this will be riveting, I'm sure.

1.) I firmly believe that garlic does not belong in eggs. Ever. Eww.

2.) While I'm thinking about breakfast, you know how there will be that foil or plastic covering on top of cream cheese, sour cream, etc? I don't understand leaving it on there after you open the container. Just take it off!

3.) I like to shop when I get bored.

4.) Having my nails done is important to me.

5.) Working out is not an option.

6.) I LOVE gourds of all shapes and sizes. They make fall wonderful.

7.) Here is a secret. These days, if I am just pooped all day I will lay around until about 4:30 then realize Jeremiah is about to come home and I will work frantically to get the house cleaned up. There we go, the cat's out of the bag.
Ummm...I am breaking the tagging rules and not tagging anyone else :)


Sarah said...

Suz! I LOVE the new layout! Hope you're doing good friend~Talk to you soon!